Some time ago, one of my colleagues passed a slick comment about my somewhat constant need to find myself in a new space. He asked me what I was constantly running away from and I laughed. I mean, what else was I supposed to do? I wasn’t running away from anyone or anything in particular—I was running toward something new. Something soulful and meaningful and heartbreaking. Some would say I am constantly searching for g(G)od. Others would say I’m trying to enjoy my life to the fullest. I think its much simpler than it may seem.

In Taoist thought, the phrase, “My fate lies within me, and not within the heavens”, is a manifestation of the idea of self-creation. Imagine being so in control of your fate that you decide what goes and what stays. Not the old man in the skies or the red-horned devil below—you. You get to decide how easily you will breathe today and how many tears you will shed tomorrow. You. A creator. A direct manifestation of free-will.

I think I unknowingly dedicated my life to subscribing to this knowledge and the possibility of self-creation and evolution. The idea that I can control my fate, by myself, no strings attached, no heaven, no hell, just me, Serwaa, in control, drives me in an oddly peculiar manner. I wouldn’t say I am running from anyone or anything. Instead, I think I am chasing the idea of self-creation and the endless possibilities I can create for myself with no fear, no regrets, and no master.

Anyway, enough of that. I imagine you get the idea. I will probably chat more about the philosophies I subscribe to in coming weeks. But, a little about me as this is my first official blog post:

I am twenty-one. I can speak and read more than four languages. I will probably live in four more countries before I turn thirty. I am a graduating senior from New York University concentrating in Urbanist Studies as it relates to the natural environment, specifically in Africa. I was born and raised in Accra until I was fifteen. I started this blog so I don’t lose my mind. Yes, I am okay. Thank you for your concern.

Subscribe and share with your pals. I will be back shortly.

mille baisers,






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